Effective Therapy Program for Business Professionals

Practice LEEF offers a 9-step therapy program for business professionals and expats. If you are motivated to become the best version of yourself and you want to breakthrough the cycle that keeps you from attaining your goals, please find the shortest and most effective path here. If you are able to dedicate 2 hours per month, you will reach your goals in 8 months. All participants have succeeded so far!

For whom

Professionals, executives and managers who are able and willing to invest in a personal deep dive program. Who have sufficient self knowledge and are ready to go beyond insight and typical coaching:

  • Free yourself from recurring patterns as you find yourself dealing with the same themes by establishing a solid foundation for inner peace, stability, resilience and balanced relationships

  • Reduce your triggers and projections that result in unwanted behavior and being judgemental with the aim to create a better atmosphere for yourself and others

  • Make a step change in personal development by improving your mood, energy level, self-esteem, relationships and emotional wellbeing

  • Comfortably and confidently make next steps in a career or life change by removing limiting beliefs, unwanted stress responses and working with your inner critic

How it works

  • The 9-step program starts with an intake on the basis of which a plan and objectives are defined, which will be sent to you. After the intake you can decide whether or not to continue. 

  • Using Emotive Therapy (Dutch rooted practice based therapy program) and PSYCH-K (widely recognized process for personal transformation) lasting and sometimes life changing results are produced naturally and without 'cognitive tricks'!

Important to know

  • The program is quoted based on the request of the employee or self-employed professional. Points for improvement on behalf of the employer can be included as desired. 

  • Sessions last 1.5 2 hours and take place every month.

  • Problem oriented sessions and shorter coaching programs are possible. Depending on your situation and request I will advice you how I can help you and what route best to take. 

If you are eager to understand how I can help you using these methods with your specific issue or question, please leave a message. Feel free to reach out!

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